The myPWS Apple Watch In App purchase is not transferred to the watch


If the myPWS Apple Watch app is not activated after purchasing the in-app, then there is a communication problem between the iPhone and Apple Watch. After activating the in-app purchase, it is transferred to the myPWS Apple Watch app. Of course, this only works if the iPhone and the paired Apple Watch can establish a connection with each other.

If the activation fails, please try the following:

  • Delete myPWS from your iPhone (this will also delete the myPWS Apple Watch app from your Apple Watch)
  • Restart your iPhone and Apple Watch - this is very important
  • After restarting your devices, reinstall myPWS and make sure that the myPWS Apple Watch app is also installed on your Apple Watch
  • Start and configure myPWS on your iPhone
  • Start myPWS on your Apple Watch
  • Restore the myPWS Apple Watch In App purchase. To do this, tap the button with the arrow circle symbol in the top right corner of the purchase screen in myPWS
  • Open the myPWS Apple Watch app again and interact with it for a while - make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone

If the InApp purchase on your Apple Watch is still not activated:

  • Start myPWS on your Apple Watch
  • Open the myPWS app on your iPhone and change the temperature unit or other unit settings and confirm them by tapping the 'Done' button
  • Observe on your Apple Watch whether the settings of the units have been transferred to your Apple Watch. The InApp purchase is also transferred to your Apple Watch with the unit settings.

If this is not the case permanently, then there is a fundamental problem with the pairing of your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Un-pairing and re-pairing the watch might help here.


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