iCloud data cache export and import


With myPWS you can export your data cache to iCloud Drive on one of your devices and import the exported file to myPWS on (one of) your other device(s).

  • Start myPWS
  • Go to the myPWS settings
  • Tap on the 'Export cache to iCloud Drive' button
  • This will create a data cache file and save it to iCloud drive

Then do this on one for your other devices:

  • Open the iOS File Explorer app
  • Browse to the myPWS folder on iCloud drive
  • Tap onto the export file which myPWS has created on your other device
  • This will start myPWS and import the file during app start
  • Syncing of your station list happens automatically between your devices and does not require any manual user action.

Attention: importing a cache file overwrites the existing data cache on the target device!

Please note that all your devices must use the same iCloud account and thatiCloud drive must be enabled for myPWS. Instructions can be found here.

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